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So now you know we’re looking for Progressive Rock, Post-Rock, Alternative and anything a little bit different. If that’s you the next step is to upload your music to Aurovine. Aurovine is an ethical music platform where artists come first. Join and upload your music here.

Once you’ve uploaded your music to Aurovine send us an email or leave a comment on this page.
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6 thoughts on “SUBMIT DEMO

  1. Hi Sonic Vista,
    I’m a London-based collage artist and musician (The illegitimate son of Devo and Gong’).
    My new album ‘Compassion Fatigue (1-8)’ is out now, which came out of an idea to write an album where the first song would be exactly one minute long and in the key of A, the second song two minutes long and in the key of B etc. It features the improvised Eastern-tinged vocalizations of Norway’s Maria Jardardottir, odd time signatures, prog-punk polyrhythms and at least two songs about psychopaths.

    ‘Born wrong, collage artist, part-time punk, reluctant public schoolboy, promising ex-cricketer, adult child, sucker for punishment, dole-wallah, therapy survivor, reality-avoider, disturbed child, church boat boy, PTSD, nearly a crap pop star once….’
    All the best,
    Ashley – (Album Stream here)

  2. Hi there Ken,

    My name is Pedro, I’m 22 years old, and I play in a London-based band called I/M/M/I/G/R/A/N/T/S for what will soon be two years. We have been long time listeners of artists you guys work with, such as Gang of Youths, and it would be great to be a part of your team.

    After releasing a couple of successful singles, we’re currently finalizing our EP, and would like to show you what will soon be our first single in it named “Daddy”.

    Unreleased EP single:

    If you’re interested, here is a little bit more about us:

    Our Facebook Page:

    Previous singles:

    Small Bio”

    I/M/M/I/G/R/A/N/T/S by name and immigrants by nature: Although the band may be based in London, we originate from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Brazil. Since first started, we have released several singles, and toured around Europe twice. We have also been lucky to have a few posts ‘here and there’ (from blogs like NME), played on Czech MTV and have been nominated for the International Music Video Festival 2013 in Paris on our latest single release.

    Thank you so much for your attention and time given to consider my band. If you’re interested in getting to know us a little bit more, please just drop us a line on this email or call.

    All the best,



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