Sonic Vista is an independent label specialising primarily in Alternative, Post-Punk, Post-Rock and Progressive Rock. We aim to make sense of the music industry by collaborating with bands to make projects happen and to put a small but enthusiastic marketing effort behind each project. Our time and efforts resulted in the Singer/Songwriter Steph Fraser getting signed by Island Records in 2011.

Sonic Vista Catalogue:

SVRCD000 – Ernest – Pimps (B**ches) and Superheroes
SVRCD001 – Ernest – Puppies EP
SVRCD002 – Compilation – World of Expectation
SVRCD003 – CascadeSounds – Hope In Sound (Limited)
SVRCD004 – Eveline – Waking Up Before Dawn
SVRCD005 – Steph Fraser – Purple Sun EP
SVRCD006 – Ernest – Crash Tested album (Unreleased)
SVRCD007 – Man-made Noise – Man-made Noise
SVRCD008 – Steph Fraser – Pretend EP
SVRCD009 – Andy Stedman – You Keep Me Up ‘Till 3 O’Clock (single)
SVRCD010 – IT Departure album (CD/DVD)
SVRCD011 – Litterbug – Speaking Through The Gaps
SVRCD012 – IT – Over & Out (Re-issue)
SVRCD013 – Steph Fraser – Recession Proof
SVRCD014 – Aron Paul The Stranger I Know
SVRCD015 – Man-made Noise – Photocopy Machine
SVRCD016 – Aron Paul – Angel Calling
SVRCD017 – Dropshard – Anywhere But Home

Please email us at ken[at] with any enquiries.

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