2014 is turning out to be a seminal year for Sonic Vista Music. As some of you may know,our plans were to release 4 new albums in Q4. We’re still on track although the IT album will now be a 2015 release. The other 3 albums are well on schedule:

Dropshard - SilkDropshard – Silk, this album is now released in CD and Digital Format and we’re already well on track to recover expenses from sales. Silk was featured album on Tony Romero’s show at House OF Prog. Listen to the podcast here. We’ve supplied a batch to wholesale and are continuing to see traffic at the progmegastore site and also the band’s aurovine page.

Machines Dream - Immunity Album CoverMachines Dream – Immunity is the 2nd album to be released on Sonic Vista in 2014. Currently in manufacturing the album has been getting rave advance reviews. It was featured in a 2 hour special on the Prog Mill last week. Craig West provides a fascinating insight into the making of the album. Learn how Pink Floyd’s Animals and The Genesis album And Then There Were Three contributed to the project by listening to the podcast here: Part 1 : Part 2
Progmegastore has the album for sale here.

Nth Ascension - Ascension Of Kings Album CoverNth Ascension – Ascension Of Kings Hot on the heels of the MD album we have the 2nd Nth Ascension album. Although officially the second album, it could be argued that this is their true debut as the eponymous previous record was really only a demo. The epic track Vision (debuted at the last Electric Garden Prog Festival) closes the album at 20 mins plus!
We expect to have delivery of the album soon and it can be pre-ordered at Progmegastore.