IT Departure Prog Rock CD DVD It was 2009 when IT released the superb double CD/DVD album Departure. The ensuing years established the band (and album) on the prog circuit and the album became a neo-prog benchmark.

The album gained consistent acclaim at the authoratative Prog Archive website establishing a 4 out of 5 rating from 20+ reviewers

Since then we’ve had live shows including new songs, recording sessions, videos and even a studio renovation project. So what can we gleen about the progress of the new album?.

A glance at the band’s Facebook page reveals the following snippets of information:

May 2013: The band play 2 shows in London followed by The Electric Garden Festival. New songs including Revolution are aired.

June 7th, 2013: Nick is in Canada and travels to an old abandoned house with filmmaker Melissa Connors to shoot some video for the new album/dvd.

July 16th, 2013: Nick is back in Harrow and spends the day in the studio with Andy going through new material, the Canadian video, Video from the live shows and adding bass tracks to some of the new songs.

August 6th, 2013: Jam session goes really well. 2 or 3 final songs for the new album are starting to take shape.

August 29th, 2013: “Superb writing/arranging day with Nick and Andy at the Spacehouse. I think we have our centre piece for the album!”

September 23rd, 2013: 2 solid days of tracking guitars for the new IT album with Andy Rowberry!

IT guitar tracking with Andy Rowberry

1st October, 2013: Bass session at Spacehouse including bass for the new centrepiece long track.

23rd October, 2013: “Day 3 of editing week! Newly recorded parts are taking shape. Exciting to hear the songs getting closer to their final sound. The best part is cutting out all the stuff that’s not needed. Leaving only the essentials.”

26th October, 2013: Filming video for the new album!

Spacehouse video shoot

21st November, 2013: Statement from Nick – “Hello folks! Lots of drum editing going on. Will Chism has been laying down superb performances on the remaining long track for the album, plus 4 bonus tracks. Getting them to the next level with the rest of the album and then we’re on the straight away. Turning out to be an even bigger project than Departure was. The irons are in the fire. Everything is starting to really take shape. Peace, Nick. x”

2nd December, 2013: Final recording of drum tracks for main album and bonus tracks.

January 2014: Studio renovations!

February 2014: Come on guys, it’s time for another update!!


2 thoughts on “IT – New Album (Over 4 years since Departure!)

  1. I agree! WAY past time for a new album. In the meantime, how about reissuing the first 2 IT albums on real CD?

    1. If you check out their Facebook page there are many more updates. Seems the new album is very near now! 🙂

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