November update

2014 is turning out to be a seminal year for Sonic Vista Music. As some of you may know,our plans were to release 4 new albums in Q4. We’re still on track although the IT album will now be a 2015 release. The other 3 albums are well on schedule:

Dropshard - SilkDropshard – Silk, this album is now released in CD and Digital Format and we’re already well on track to recover expenses from sales. Silk was featured album on Tony Romero’s show at House OF Prog. Listen to the podcast here. We’ve supplied a batch to wholesale and are continuing to see traffic at the progmegastore site and also the band’s aurovine page.

Machines Dream - Immunity Album CoverMachines Dream – Immunity is the 2nd album to be released on Sonic Vista in 2014. Currently in manufacturing the album has been getting rave advance reviews. It was featured in a 2 hour special on the Prog Mill last week. Craig West provides a fascinating insight into the making of the album. Learn how Pink Floyd’s Animals and The Genesis album And Then There Were Three contributed to the project by listening to the podcast here: Part 1 : Part 2
Progmegastore has the album for sale here.

Nth Ascension - Ascension Of Kings Album CoverNth Ascension – Ascension Of Kings Hot on the heels of the MD album we have the 2nd Nth Ascension album. Although officially the second album, it could be argued that this is their true debut as the eponymous previous record was really only a demo. The epic track Vision (debuted at the last Electric Garden Prog Festival) closes the album at 20 mins plus!
We expect to have delivery of the album soon and it can be pre-ordered at Progmegastore.


Machines Dream – New Album ‘Immunity’ Now On Presale

Machines Dream Press Photo for Immunity

Machines Dream? They may well do. This progressive rock band from Northern Ontario certainly dared to do just that by first recording and then releasing a self-titled album in 2013.

It has topped the Aurovine Independent Music Chart since then and been picked up for play by a host of mainstream and Internet-based radio stations on every continent garnering plaudits from all quarters.

Now the follow-up album Immunity has been completed and is due for release late October/early November. Pre-Order it here.

A pre-sale has been organized to help pay for manufacturing and marketing. The more pledges obtained means we can spread the word about the band to more people around the world.

It’s that simple.

There are various options available ranging from a digital download of the album to a DeLuxe package with a t-shirt and bonus EP.

The single Broken Door has been released as a free download to give a flavor of the album.

Learn more at



Dropshard release remixed & expanded Anywhere But Home

Dropshard album cover - Anywhere But Home Remixed and Expanded

Dropshard’s classic 2011 album Anywhere But Home has been released as a remixed and expanded version. The full suite has been lovingly remixed by the band and additionally we are treated to an acoustic version of A Cold Morning and a brand new track Climb Mountains.

The album has been released through Sonic Vista’s parent company Aurovine and is available in digital form worldwide including iTunes, Amazon, Juno Download and Google Play Music.

You can also get the album by pre-ordering the new album Silk at their Fundervine page.

The band’s first two EP’s DSI and DSII will also be released worldwide in March on the Aurovine EX label.



IT – New Album (Over 4 years since Departure!)

IT Departure Prog Rock CD DVD It was 2009 when IT released the superb double CD/DVD album Departure. The ensuing years established the band (and album) on the prog circuit and the album became a neo-prog benchmark.

The album gained consistent acclaim at the authoratative Prog Archive website establishing a 4 out of 5 rating from 20+ reviewers

Since then we’ve had live shows including new songs, recording sessions, videos and even a studio renovation project. So what can we gleen about the progress of the new album?.

A glance at the band’s Facebook page reveals the following snippets of information:

May 2013: The band play 2 shows in London followed by The Electric Garden Festival. New songs including Revolution are aired.

June 7th, 2013: Nick is in Canada and travels to an old abandoned house with filmmaker Melissa Connors to shoot some video for the new album/dvd.

July 16th, 2013: Nick is back in Harrow and spends the day in the studio with Andy going through new material, the Canadian video, Video from the live shows and adding bass tracks to some of the new songs.

August 6th, 2013: Jam session goes really well. 2 or 3 final songs for the new album are starting to take shape.

August 29th, 2013: “Superb writing/arranging day with Nick and Andy at the Spacehouse. I think we have our centre piece for the album!”

September 23rd, 2013: 2 solid days of tracking guitars for the new IT album with Andy Rowberry!

IT guitar tracking with Andy Rowberry

1st October, 2013: Bass session at Spacehouse including bass for the new centrepiece long track.

23rd October, 2013: “Day 3 of editing week! Newly recorded parts are taking shape. Exciting to hear the songs getting closer to their final sound. The best part is cutting out all the stuff that’s not needed. Leaving only the essentials.”

26th October, 2013: Filming video for the new album!

Spacehouse video shoot

21st November, 2013: Statement from Nick – “Hello folks! Lots of drum editing going on. Will Chism has been laying down superb performances on the remaining long track for the album, plus 4 bonus tracks. Getting them to the next level with the rest of the album and then we’re on the straight away. Turning out to be an even bigger project than Departure was. The irons are in the fire. Everything is starting to really take shape. Peace, Nick. x”

2nd December, 2013: Final recording of drum tracks for main album and bonus tracks.

January 2014: Studio renovations!

February 2014: Come on guys, it’s time for another update!!



Machines Dream – New Reviews for eponymous debut

Machines Dream Prog Reviews

The stunning debut album by Machines Dream continues to garner some great reviews:

Red Headed Flea

Multigroove (German)

We think it basically translates to this:
“MD are a Canadian Prog band. Their first album  was released 2 years ago, which begs the question “why did it take so long to be available in Germany?”.

“There are clear similarities to Blackfield (before its “Welcome to my DNA” accident) with the heaviness of Porcupine Tree.  Toronto Skyline is already one of my favourite songs of the year.”

“I give this album my highest score of 5. Welcome to my island!”

And finally from Russia (with help from Google translate) – This is an illegal site but they gave it 8.5 out of 10 so hey ho!!
We found this



Dropshard offer fantastic rewards on new album!

Dropshard are using the crowdfunding platform Fundervine to offer fantastic rewards for sponsors of their new album Silk. Become Co-Producer of the album, Attend the release party with front row seats or simply get a copy of the new album and also a remixed version of the stunning first album Anywhere But Home.

Click the image below to find out more:

Dropshard Silk



Dropshard create overdub video for Can-Utility And The Coastliners (Genesis)

Not content with a busy schedule on the new album, Tommy and Alex from Dropshard created a unique video of a drum and bass overdub to the 1972 Foxtrot classic ‘Can-Utility and the Coastliners’ by Genesis. Nice work guys.



Machines Dream signing features in Canadian press

Machines Dream Sault Star, Ontario, Canada Article

Recent Sonic Vista signings Machines Dream made the press in Canada this week. The Sault Star featured the news in it’s 13th November edition with a piece on the band.

As well as a remastered and expanded version of the original album, Sonic Vista will also be releasing the brand new album currently in production. The new album is coming together nicely and we’ve heard rough mix versions of 4 tracks here at Sonic Vista HQ.

1. My Ocean Is Electric - A heavier symphonic prog epic
2. Broken Door – Some exquisite crisp lead guitar in this one.
3. Battersea Transcendental – More of a Floyd vibe on this one and as the title suggests it’s a tale of being caught in two minds (the analogy being the river and the sea)
4. Immunity is a 26 minute prog epic! still in development.

Further news will be posted here as we get it.